Our Story

Meadowmont Farm is a dream come true. We enjoy a Country Living of honey, horses and hospitality. It is our desire to honor our family's history by continuing the legacy for future generations.

As purveyors of some of the finest honey in the world, we respect and acknowledge the dedication and commitment of beekeepers in California and Montana.

Our family's rich history within the industry has forged the path we now follow to achieve today's high standards in honey production, pollination and Queen breeding.

We are delighted to share our heritage, our honeys and extend a warm welcome to share our dream with you at Meadowmont Farm.

Jim & Kathy

Jim and Kathy Foster

Our Legacy

Alfonso Foster began a family tradition in the early 1850's and taught son Wilbur and grandson Howard the craft of beekeeping.

Howard and Eva Foster The passion spawned a successful family business that spans four generations of beekeepers covering Iowa, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and California. The Foster's quickly gained recognition as key contributors to agricultural practices in the beekeeping industry on a National and International level. In 1947, Howard Foster initiated the first flight of packaged bees from Sacramento, CA to Billings, MT and in 1971 Eva Foster received the honor of finest honey in America for their Montana Clover Honey.