Our Hospitality

Cathy Foster - Hostess Extraordinaire


We love sharing a meal with friends and family at Meadowmont Farm. Whether it is planned long in advance or on the spur of the moment, we welcome the opportunity to share our farm.

Each year in July, we celebrate our granddaughters', Ella and Avery's, birthday at our "Cowgirl Campout". This is a time just for Fathers and Daughters to spend 24 hours being Cowboys and Cowgirls with camping, great food, fun and song. Celebrating this year will be 20 Buckaroos, big and little!

Meadowmont Farm also offers Backyard Beekeeping classes. In addition to hands-on experience with bees, these classes include an opportunity to gather in the Buckaroo Room to discuss the wonder of the Hive, share a meal and make new friends.

What's in the future for Meadowmont Farm's hospitality? Plans are already underway for Meadowmont Cottage, a sanctuary for those who are looking for a respite for a night or two. Artists, photographers, writers or those looking for a place for a beautiful horseback ride will find Meadowmont Farm a welcome stop.

Contact Meadowmont Farm and allow us to open our gate of hospitality to you!

Jim & Kathy