Our Honey

We take great pride in offering the finest honeys for you to enjoy. Our honey varietals are produced from floral resources selected for their purity.

  • MONTANA CLOVER – our legacy honey from the mountain plains of Central/Southeast Montana
  • COASTAL SAGE – from the lush slopes of the Central California Coast
  • ORANGE BLOSSOM – from the orange groves of Central and Southern California
  • STAR THISTLE – local to Northern California
From gift shops and wineries to country stores, our fine honeys are available in 8 oz. and 16 oz. jars and can also be purchased directly from us.

Honey isn't just part of our heritage, it is part of our lifestyle. We enjoy the taste and nutritional benefits in our diet and love to share how we include it our own recipes.

Meadowmont Farm Honey

All four of the above varietals come in our Queenline glass jars. This has been a family tradition since 1958. You may order our honey in the following sizes:

8 oz. - 10.00
16 oz. - 15.00
2 lb. - 25.00

Meadowmont Farm Gift Boxes

We also offer Meadowmont Farm's Signature Gift Box @ 37.50. Included in the decorative pine gift box are two 8oz. varietals of your choice, plus either an 8oz. Honey Bear or a 1/2# package of Meadowmont Farm's Cottage Granola.

The perfect "thank you" gift box from Meadowmont Farm @ 22.50 holds any two of your choices of the following products: 8 oz. Queenline glass jars of varietal honey, 8 oz. Honey Bears, 1/2# packages of Meadowmont Farm's Cottage Granola.

Meadowmont Farm Cottage Granola

Our Cottage Granola contains organic oats, golden raisins, dried California apricots, California almonds, coconut, orange juice, organic vanilla, Meadowmont Farm's Orange Blossom honey and cinnamon.

1/2 lb. - 5.95
1 lb. - 10.00



Fine Meadowmont Organic Honey

Please call or email us to order our delicious honey products!



Signature Gift Box